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Denver Sidewalk Repair Program: What You Need to Know

Is your sidewalk cracked, uneven, or sloping? If so, you may need to watch out for a sidewalk repair notice – or face the fines.

Starting in early 2018, the city of Denver implemented their Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program (NSRP), where homeowners and business owners alike are required to fix broken sidewalks and maintain their upkeep.

What does this mean for you as a Denver resident?

Here’s everything you need to know about the new program – and how to be compliant with sidewalk maintenance standards in your area.

What is Denver’s Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program?

NSRP was started to address the issue of damaged sidewalks in the Denver area. The main reason being that cracked, slanting, and uneven sidewalks are a safety hazard and make transportation more difficult – especially for residents with mobility issues.

After outlining 11 sidewalk regions, Denver Public Works has moved to address one area at a time, notifying citizens of their responsibility to maintain the sidewalk adjacent to their home or business.

The key purposes of this program include:

  • Addressing damaged sidewalks that pose as a safety risk for residents
  • Notifying residents if their sidewalk is in need of repair
  • Providing residents with information on how to fix their sidewalks and meet city standards
  • Providing financing options when it comes to paying for sidewalk repairs

Did You Receive a Sidewalk Repair Notice from the City of Denver?

If you received a notice that your sidewalk is in need of a repair, that means it is your responsibility to get it fixed. Fortunately, the city will also provide you with information regarding estimated costs, repair requirements, and financial assistance programs.

Note that if you do need help financing the repairs, you may be eligible for extended repayment options or discounts.

What Happens if You Ignore this Notice?

After receiving the notice, you have 45 days to make repairs. If you ignore the invoice or don’t make repairs during that time frame, the city will use its own contractor to make repairs. That means that you, the property owner, will be billed after the fact – which will be much more expensive than hiring your own contractor.

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What are Your Options?

 The best way to be compliant with city standards while avoiding hefty fees is to hire a private contractor that does sidewalk repair. If you choose not to hire your own contractor, the city will do the repairs for you, but at a significantly higher cost.

 Find Sidewalk Repair Services in Denver

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Here is a map of all of the neighborhoods that will have mandatory sidewalk inspections. If your sidewalk is considered hazardous, an inspector will hand you a notice to repair the sidewalk. If you ignore the notice, the City will repair it and send you the bill. You will be charged a significant amount of money compared to having a local contractor do the work.  You can trust us to get it done right because we comply with the city’s code requirements.

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